The Most Important Angle

Music is a very visceral medium. It plucks at your emotions, memories and perceptions. This is why music is so important to the connections made through film. There are some that argue the soundtrack is just as important, if not more, than the moving images it accompanies. But look at it from another angle…

20 Jun 2016

Before You Shoot [Video]…

As the end of the year draws closer, many corporations find themselves pressed to put together an end-of-year wrap-up video. As a result, some will shoot and edit in-house. This is not a bad thing, as many marketing departments are incredibly talented in this regard. But along with the epically grand productions, there is also

25 Nov 2015

The One Shot…

Some of the best shots ever accomplished are those that accurately emulate the action being depicted. Anthill nailed this one…

29 Jul 2015

Something DifferentAR

Things you can do to spice up a Transition Area…We’re cooking up something new for Adventure Racing coverage.  

01 Jun 2015

Capturing a Feeling

“Be everywhere at once.” The saying echoed tauntingly in my mind the week before the event. How do you capture a feeling of a live event, with no do-overs? So I began to scribble, like I always do. In late 2014 we we’re tasked with the challenge of capturing the feeling of a 24 hour

29 May 2015
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