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Long Glance, Viewer Buy In

Sometimes all it takes is a glance held slightly longer than usual to let you know that it’s on.

This brilliant spot directed by Wayne McClammy does just that. A hold on the locked eyes between dog and driver tell the audience that there’s trouble afoot. Confirmed in the next shot which features the driver continuing his pensive gaze long after the door has closed on the entitled pooch. This simple hold entices the audience to stay locked in, to see what trouble ensues.

From there on it’s a play between the dog and driver, from pickup to destination, and ultimately the owners unfortunate, but fitting, soiling.

While the visual narrative in this ad is about the back and forth between the dog and driver, the commercial at no point makes any mention of the car (Genesis); just keenly crafted visuals (and typical car commercial beauty shots) inserted throughout. The visuals of the car are subtle enough and placed in a way that they do not take from the main storyline, in fact they compliment it. Copywriter Michael Maria Morgenbesser deserves credit here. His scripting of the dog slowly lifting his leg while starring down the driver in the rear view mirror, immediately gives you a sense of the interior quality of the car.

A creative, playful spot made effective all because of that drawn out stare at the beginning.


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