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Good Old Humour (Swedish) Goes A Long Way

This spot for Visit Sweden uses AirBnB in a unique way – by listing the whole country.

Beautifully crafted scenic shots juxtaposed with good old Swedish humour go a long way in presenting the country as a welcome and relaxing destination for world travellers.

Agency Forsman & Bodenfors take sweeping drone shots and match them to a very subtle but building audio track. The story integrates more sound effects as the commercial progresses, starting with a closeup of a yellow wagtail just over half way through (almost waking you up from the nature trance that they set up – nothing gets you thinking about the outdoors like the sounds of nature). The addition of first person style shots bring you into the magic, allowing the viewer to see themselves in Sweden, while the very wide scenics give a sense of scale – helping the viewer to start dreaming about the potential of freely roaming what’s being portrayed as a true natural beauty.


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