Another Future - French Red Cross Commercial Ad - Analysis

Match Production Value with the Message

Some ads deserve a view based on their message alone, but to make an impact you need production value to match. At first glance it seems that the 60 second long spot would be another typical Public Interest, NGO ad. Important, no doubt, but keeping all focus on the harshness of reality.  Of course, tension

05 Dec 2017

Let your Solutions be Fearless

If you haven’t seen the Fearless Girl statue (sculpted by Kristen Visbal) have a look. It was created for asset management company SSGA with the goal of creating gender-balanced workforces. Why? Because “if women and men participated in the economy equally, the annual global GDP would increase 26 percent (to $28 trillion) by 2025.”

17 Sep 2017

The Value Beyond Good Enough

Something so often forgotten, or crossed off of a budget sheet, is the behind the scenes, or follow up video. ‘Get the primary production done and that’s good enough.’ But when spending the time and effort to achieve “good enough,” recognize the value in going beyond “good enough”. Some stories have so much more meaning

13 Sep 2017
Great Ads Come from Great Insight.

Great Ads Come from Great Insight

Watching a professional at home in their craft, no matter what your passion, is inspiring. But if it is a passion you keep, one can’t help but get fired up. Agency Wieden + Kennedy grabbed a hold of that insight and rolled it out huge with a new spot for Nike. Copywriter Jeff Salomonsson, takes

03 Aug 2017

Long Glance, Viewer Buy In

Sometimes all it takes is a glance held slightly longer than usual to let you know that it’s on. This brilliant spot directed by Wayne McClammy does just that. A hold on the locked eyes between dog and driver tell the audience that there’s trouble afoot. Confirmed in the next shot which features the driver

19 Jul 2017

Stories… Are in the Details

Stories start to fall apart when the details are forgotten. Someplace Nice did a fantastic job producing this spot for Dementia Network Calgary. Not only did they bring the viewer in to the world of dementia, but they creatively paired the symptoms of the disease with a story that is also slowly being forgotten – those

09 Jun 2017

Good Old Humour (Swedish) Goes A Long Way

This spot for Visit Sweden uses AirBnB in a unique way – by listing the whole country. Beautifully crafted scenic shots juxtaposed with good old Swedish humour go a long way in presenting the country as a welcome and relaxing destination for world travellers. Agency Forsman & Bodenfors take sweeping drone shots and match them to a

26 May 2017

Timely, Responsible, Honest (with video to match)

Sometimes all it takes to get front of mind is a timely crafted ad, like Virgin’s new Billion Point Giveaway campaign. But beyond the timing, the video needs to match the concept. In the case of these ads, created by CHE Proximity, they take the viewer through the heads of everyone associated with the epic mixup

15 May 2017

No Words Necessary When Familiar To All

When the feeling is so familiar, there is no need for words. Lysol’s new ad “Protect Like A Mother” by Agency McCann, is a great example of this. The concept is something, most of us are familiar with, and most mothers would be proud to associate with. So right away there is buy-in with the message.

08 May 2017

Take a Simple Concept and Make it Huge

Some of the most effective video ads don’t overcomplicate. Have a look at this ad for Andes Beer developed by Saatchi & Saatchi. They take a simple concept, like the perfect angle to pour a beer, and blow it out with the worlds first leaning bar (intentional) in the Andes. Of course it’s complete with the typical inspiring

06 May 2017
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